Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even more weird shit

Big suprise!

Broeckchen gave me the translation of the last...clue? code? the last of the things on the note.

(fgyojnIlorug.po) turns out to be "Ilongforyou.jpg". charming.

Ran a search, and this is what I found. A folder hidden in my Program Files entitled "sunrisesunsetoldfriendoldfriend"

This...this is some fucked up shit.

Whoever made this one, they're getting more excited. Excellent.

I looked up their origins, they seem to have been made on my computer. This one was made the tenth, the second one the twelth. I wasn't here either of those days. The first one was made the fourteenth.  I was here that day.

The Call came from inside the house, guys.

I don't think this was just some girl. I haven't told anyone about this blog, but also...

They are modeling after Him I recognize the eyes, the face. I've told nearly no one about him.


  1. That's... A little creepy. Okay, very creepy.

    Do you have any girlfriends who, y'know, were obsessed with you to the point of needing help?

  2. I've had a few crazy girlfriends(by which I mean I've never dated a stable girl). I'll go into that in my next post, if you want.

  3. I'm just asking. Because I doubt you'd do this unless you're INCREDIBLY Narcissistic.

  4. This gets more interesting every time you post.
    I'm not quite sure what it all means yet, and sadly, my only advice is wait until it gets clearer.