Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well Im gone monday

I'm aparently going to Florida to visit my grandparents on monday. Im going to use it as a sort of internet detox, and then the day after that I'm back at school.

No one die/get attacked while Im gone!

I'm really excited to go back. My mom is best served in small doses. I don't wanna talk about it.


Something weird happened. My mom told me I used to have nightmares a lot when I was little. Apparently, I would say a dark man was watching me. So I apparently had a nightlight until I was about 9 or so because that was the only thing that calmed me down.


I shat a few bricks. Like maybe, 2 or 3. I just thought that was interesting.


I'm feeling the distance between me and the high school kids more and more lately. Have I grown so much, or is it more that Im only now realizing out distance? So much that was important 6, 8 months ago no longer matters at all.

Its a good feeling. Definitely. My life is so much better now.

My dog, Tessa, had her birthday yesterday! I took her to the wooded paths in my town (my town is 50% thick forest and 50% beach. Go figure) For a walk. It was extremely icy, I almost died about ten times. Tessa was able to go much faster than me and almost dragged me to my death. When we made it out to the bog, some people were skating out there and that freaked her out, so we had to go back up the icy paths.


  1. The florida trip sounds nice.

    And yay dreams bout creepy guys!

    Anyway, have fun and stay safe, Slice! No dying at the paws of your dog!

  2. Aw, mommies and their scary dreams. My mom dreams about cruel fates of family members almost every night.
    Except of the nights after some people really died. Then her dreams get all jolly.

    I think everyone has kind of an own dreaming style, that would made sense.

    EDIT: Captcha: "HYSESMsEs" Yeah, not creepy-ish at all.

    Are you going to upload pictures of that doggy of yours somewhen in the future? I would love to see what kind of dog she is. Sounds cute anyhow.