Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eh! Eh!

Heck, today was pretty lame. I visited the chiropractors at my mother's insistence, and it was pretty cool. Im pretty sure Im taller now, or at least I have a longer neck.

Anyways, not much else to report about today. I'm  honestly getting excited to go back, its getting boring around here. Brendan leaves Sunday, my friend Ben already left.

But, in Light of my not having anything noteworthy to say, lets play a game. A Question for a Question.

I'll do my best to answer whatever you'd ask of me with complete honesty but I expect the same.

Though, you could check up on me tomorrow or whenever and Ignore this. Thats cool too.


  1. Well, at least your boredom will end soon.

    My Question: Why do you call yourself Slice?

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  3. Haha, well

    My last name is very similar to that of a famous MMA fighter. So one day my nickname became ____-Slice, as a sort of joke.

    I always kind of liked it as a nickname, and I didn't want something too pretentious for my blog handle. So there you go!

    My question- How old are you exactly? I can't quite tell from your posts.

  4. You said that you're a theatre-snob. Are you a fan of stage plays and musicals, and if yes, which ones do you like most?

    I've got no problems with several questions back. ^^

  5. I love both, but I guess I prefer stage plays. Its one of my dreams to be a playwright someday.

    My current favorite plays are...hmm.

    Variations on the Death of Trotsky is one of the best short plays I've ever seen. I love Moliere's School for Wives, the Importance of Being Earnest, and for more modern plays, The Sacrificial King and Dog Sees God.

    Musicals...Musicals, I like In the Heights, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story and Lion King. I see a lot more plays than musicals.

    Broeckchen: What got you into Slenderman? Why do you stay involved?

  6. @Slice: I'm 15 xD

    I'm asking another question ;P

    How old are -you-?

  7. Im 18, right now.

    I'll be nineteen in...12 days?

    12 days.

    You're younger than I expected :3

  8. @Slice: I've been told that before. Mature for my age isn't a bad thing though, is it?

    How I just dared to call myself mature, I don't know xD

  9. Uh, good question.

    It started with an RPG called Mirrorhands which is essentially a forum set in a world where things like the ones creepypastas tell about do happen, and frequently so. The players make posts into the forum in character and try to help each other through such paranormal events.

    The administrators of Mirrorhands linked Marble Hornets as both an example of great creepypasta and an occurance that belongs to the Verse of the forum. Because I am a curious little thing, I looked it up on Youtube and watched it against my better judgement (because I am really easily to scare). I was not freaked out by it much, mostly because I didn't find all totheark videos, but I was interested, googled it and found the MH wiki. And on it, I found the article about Slender Man.
    Before, I always thought that the operator was a Man in Black. Silly me.

    Yeah... the article scared me to death. And whenever somethings scaring me, I begin to have a closer look on it. Because a shadow is more often than not only scary until you know what's casting it. So I looked Him up and I found the origin thread in the Something Awful forum, I found out that this thread was where He really came from and that He was but a recent meme on the internet. I was relieved and only continued looking into this meme because I found it on TVtropes.

    There I read for the first time that people assumed He could have been thought in existance. Well... *that* got me really scared.
    I tend to have lucid dreams every now and then, and I tend to make such strong assumptions in my dreams - for the worse or the better - that they become actually "true". In the dream of course.
    Since my dreams feel very realistic to me, whenever I'm scared of something I begin to doubt the difference between a nightmare and reality. That's what scares me at all, essentially. And Slender Man is like... the personification of that fear. He is like the bad things in my nightmares: He comes true if I think about Him enough.

    I'm used to throwing fireballs at my nightmares when I have them, but since I wasn't sure they would work on Slendy, I read more information about Him. Just to make sure. That might sound silly, even a bit insane, but... it helps against being scared, and this is was counts for me. Also, I don't dare to judge if He is real or not. There are good arguments for both possibilities, and there is at least one occasion when I've seen something that doesn't match most people's conception of reality. So I just go with: "I'm going to find out how I'm on the safe side, just to be sure."

    And that's what I still do. That's why I talk to Andy about this, why I Grenre-Savvy-ish try to avoid common traps in that 'Verse and why I browse through the blogs, even why I comment every now and then. Of course, me having fun with wrapping my mind around such things, especially when the outcome both makes sense and is silly enough to invoke facepalms doesn't help.

    I'm sorry for the long thing, but today is novel-comment-day in the Broeckchen-residence. ;P

  10. Huh? That's strange... I answered your question a few hours ago, the comment went up, but now it's not there anymore. Did you delete it?

  11. It would have shown up if it had...

  12. @Brokechen: No, I didn't delete it, here...

    Oh, the spam filter caught it for some reason. o.o'

    I've been away from my computer for hours, thats weird, it shouldn't have been junked like that.

    Mirrorhands sounds cool! I love RPGs like that.

    @KiKi: you ARE mature! I had no idea how old you were!

  13. I can link the rpg here, it's in English language:
    Feel invited to play with us. ^^