Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Information

Don't trust anyone right now. Don't know why I'm even still posting notes, feel an odd compulsion to do so.

Glad that Darby, Sam, Storm all okay.

Suspicious of the "keeper" movement, especially when the figurehead is a private person. It feels like they are taking advantage of Fizzbomb's death to try to take center stage.

Probably just all of this taking its toll on me.

---Personal Notes---

Rook ______

six dashes always six dashes

signifies something

Nothing intelligent yet


R-H (following O)


Thats every  letter recived so far. I cant make heads or tails yet.

I think TA-TA Might have some significant meaning outside of the scramble, though. Same with R-H (o) and the garbled phrase "Serious Liar Parent"

The last one is obvious. My Mom is lying to me. Big suprise. The other two are still not clear.

In other news I bought a slice (approx 5 grams in these parts) of LSD today. Not for pleasure.

I know what I'm doing.


  1. Just a quick note; It's probably for the best you don't trust anyone. But trusting people and talking to people are two different things. People can help you and give you information whether they are good or bad. Don't close yourself off too much.

    And Jeff's alright. He's just trying too hard. He wants I- Fizz's death to mean something. I'm not saying I agree, totally, just that he's doing it with good intentions.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. I wish you luck.

  2. Fair enough. You of all people should be allowed to make judgment calls on this situation.

    And I suppose I should try to listen to other people- relying only on the bizzare messages left my a mental condtruct made of plaster hardly seems like the best option all the time.

  3. Dude. Like I told you, you have to trust SOMEONE right now. Because we both know that you can't trust yourself, and you're going to go insane if you don't find an anchor.

  4. Who am I supposed to trust? Broeckchen? She's proved herself unreliable. This new organization? I don't trust it, not yet.

    Sam? Darby? Both have been flaking hard on a regular basis.

    Every other blogger has a chance of proxying up and/or dying at any moment. Most blogs have deception up the wazoo all the time anyways.

    I trust the people I know in real life, but you guys? Not trust worthy at all.

  5. Real life is what I meant. I know that we're not trustworthy. Hell, my name is Jekyll. That should trigger several fliags right away. I'm talking about the people you know in real life. You said that you couldn't trust anyone. I assumed that you meant IRL.

  6. I know what you mean about the whole trust thing, Slice. It's difficult to know what's what when the entire community you're part of is based around a creature that operates by corrupting the minds and beliefs of those He touches.

    Though I guess you can trust me, after a fashion. After all, it's not like you have to worry about me suddenly changing to the other side, do you?

  7. Buhwhuwhut? I did prove myself unreliable? Why - because I could shut up and keep something to myself for a while? Now get real - you don't think that because I did a bad thing but because I did a good thing for someone you don't like.
    And it's doubly ridiculous because I did it to help you, too. Remember, the dreams that freaked you out so much you had to drug yourself to sleep? Gone since when? And even if I didn't give you every line of the emails, I worked hard to figure them out and to give you the solutions directly. I didn't plan on sitting on my pot of gold, but to help you both, dumbass. ö.ö

  8. Also: Please think about that this happens the first time to *me*, too. I'm no Übermensch and I'm no wise owl experienced in everything. I have to deal with a situation here I never had before and when I make mistakes, then not because I want to do so. I admit that I made one and I apologised, but I beg to differ a bit.

  9. I'm sorry Broeckchen I shouldn't have said that at you.

    The idea that you might have more info than me is/was freaking me out though and I apologize.

  10. I'd like to give you a few pieces of my mind for that, but I think Broeckchen's already said everything I would have said. No need to be redundant.


  11. Thank you Slice. And now - *Dem Hugs of Dooming Doomage*