Saturday, January 22, 2011

I smoked so much weed I was a cosmonaut(Plastermail analysis)

but now Im better and ready to tackle an analysis.

Apparently Broeckchen is communicating with Plasterface somehow. I wish she'd told me that, it kind of freaked my shit out last night to learn that through ANDY.

But apparently it's dropping some sort of clues?

I'll be editing this document as I recieve the other emails, or I hopefully receive the clues within them.

CLUE #1:


 This seems to point towards the childhood of these heroes. All but perseus are epic heroes, but his inclusion removes that from the equation.

Hercules: Son of Zeus. Demigod. In his childhood killed two snakes sent by Hera. Hera hounded him throughout his childhood.

Arthur: King Arthur. Son of Uther Pendragon and Ingraine, Wife of Duke Goloris. She was won after a war, and thus Arthur was born. Due to the rampant attacks by the Saxons and the illness of Uther was sent to live with Sir Ector. He never knew who his father was.

Perseus: Born son of Zeus. His Grandfather feared him, and thus tossed Perseus and his mother into the sea in a huge chest. He washed ashore  elsewhere, and became a legendary hero.

Horus: Son of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was killed by Set, and Isis gathered his body parts and  with this (?) concieved Horus. Horus was hidden in the river until he was older, and then waged war against Set.

Feel free to fact check me. Out of context, I have no idea what this means, but I don't fucking like it.


  1. I once ate a whole spacecake in a park in Amsterdam and I felt like I fell into a Dali painting.

    That is all.

  2. Uh...

    You probably won't solve the riddle like this. After talking to Andy and after recording my Reply to Plasters email, I noticed something I hadn't before: I obtained a key with this so I could solve the riddle.

    Since I didn't know if Plaster wanted me to talk to Slice about that I didn't. I delivered his messages to Slice, though.

    Slice, you might have noticed that the strange pictures stopped appearing. That is because Plaster didn't want to scare you, and he's very sorry about doing it anyway. He just had no other means to communicate with you. For whatever reason, he can not talk to you directly. But I will speak for him, and if pictures or such things reappear - please don't freak out. Plaster would only use such means again if it was urgent and I would not be avaiable, I guess.

    Also I told him a little bit about being a human and about why you could be afraid of him. If anything happened that is important about this topic, please tell me asap. Plaster, as I know him, really seems to be a nice, caring person. He's ust inexperienced with all those things we've learned while growing up, and what he does and says hence conflicts with what we might perceive as usual behaviour. But I can tell this much for sure: Right now, Plasters only goal is to warn and protect you, Slice. I still don't quite know what from, but Plaster tries his very best to tell me what it is.

    And meanwhile: Stop smoking that stuff. It makes your psychological situation worse! Weed might be everything but dangerous for the body, but it weakens the mind and soul. And you need both, now more than ever.

  3. @Distilled: Last night felt like two days. My face was moving through the tunnel of time. Words were impossible. Gravity was low.


    I don't really understand everything but...

    You have a key?

    What is it?

    What can I do? What the fuck does he want me to do?

    I don't trust this "Plasterface" you are talking to. He's not real. But if he has some sort of information for me...I need to see it.

    I can't say Im going to stop smoking weed. :/ It calms me down and leaves me way more functional than alcohol.

  4. It's nothing that calms you, it's a tranquiliser. That's as if you would sit in front of a lion and use earplugs and a blindfold to cope with it. The lion will still be there and by killing of your senses you only get weaker for it. If the lion is benevolent, you've got no way of finding out, and if it's malevolent, you will only die more quickly.
    If you want to calm yourself, rather go for methods like the safe place visualisation, music or meditation. The calmness is harder to obtain there, but that's because you will learn to actually cope with your fear, instead of just... hiding withing some drug-induced fog.

    Yes, sounds a bit harsh. But it's well known that weed increases psychological problems. And since it is, I've got little empathy for people using it to COPE with psychological problems.

    About Plaster. I'll just call him Plaster because "Plasterface" sounds kind of... insulting to me.
    If he's not real, how the heck does he send me emails?

    He wants you to do nothing but acknowledge that he exists. I suppose that that is necesary for him to communicate with you. But else... he doesn't want you to do anything. He's very affectionate towards you, and he can be very protective too - as we all do when we really like someone. Of course I can not judge all of his motives, as I can't just scan him and know everything about him. But as of now, he seems to be very thankful for every question of his I can answer, even when he isn't sure if he likes the answer.

    I made a request for him which I hope he will fulfill, and if he does you really have nothing to worry about at all.

    So, the key... the key is another line of the same email, but I won't solve the riddle in public until Plaster allows me to do so.

  5. I need to know what he knows If Im going to beat this.

    I go out, smoke a bowl with my friends, get my mind off the fact that I have a childhood horror emailing people in the blogosphere and sleep a drug induced dreamless sleep. I couldn't ask for more. I apologize for spelling mistake or gramatical errors, I've been drinking.

    But I can't hide anymore, and if I don't have a direction to go in I'll just get more lost.

    Broeckchen stop holding back I need to know what you know and I need to know it NOW

  6. Well of course he can't talk to him directly, Broeckchen. Like I said, it's his Hyde. He can't exactly sit down and chat with him face to face, can he?

  7. I first thought so, too, Jekyll. But emails arrive with a delay, but are a direct approach, though. There must be a reason for him not to send emails to Slice.