Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Ordeal #3

It was a pair of drunk kids stumbling outside, about twenty minutes ago. I pushed one of them and swore at him a bunch of times. They came at me but because I was sober and they were drunk it wasn't a huge deal.

The Guys were both white, one in a hoodie with jeans, a bit of stubble, the other in a coat and baseball cap, shaved head.

I ducked hoodie's- the one I pushed- punch and hit him in the stomach. Hat tried to grab me but I elbowed him in the face. I think his nose broke but it was bleeding, either way. I kicked him in the ribs a few times.

Hoodie lunged at me shouting threats but I punched him in the chest. He didn't bend over this time and punched me in the face. It hurt. Man, it hurt. He was a bulky dude. So I punched him again and pushed him over, and started kicking him in the ribs until I heard a crack.

then I came back here. I changed out of my sweatshirt on the way back and ditched the hat I was wearing.

I cried. I'm not afraid to admit that. I hate hurting people, I hate being that person, the one that causes pain in others.

Tomorrow I'll find out what ordeal four will be. Plaster has promised a info reveal for tomorrow.

In other news: Vexil is messing with Darby? I doubt hes down for good though. Feel bad for Sam though.

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  1. That sounds awful Slice. But at least you passed.

    And thanks for the pity. I hope he does come back.