Monday, January 3, 2011

Spider-Man should probably not be a Musical/Floating around

My family drove down to New York City for the day yesterday. It was pretty cool to see the city while the Christmas decorations are still up.  I didn't know I still knew my way around a little bit from my last couple of trips, at least well enough to get from times square to Rockefeller Center and to St. Patrick's Cathedral. (If you like churches the way I do, I recommend it. Its SO COOL)

Then that night we saw the Spider-Man musical. Honestly, I was excited to go but not expecting that, until I realized U2, my mothers favorite band had done the music and lyrics. So it made sense that she wanted to see it.

Honestly it would have been amazing if I was between the ages of 5 and 13 or didnt know much about theater. But Im older than that age bracket, and a theater snob so I was merely entertained. They did a very good job with the show, although they took the continuity presented and abused it like no other. The stunt work was fantastic, though I pity the guy who got slammed into the balcony shin first.

We drove back afterwards and made it home around two.

woke up around noon today, made some pancakes with real bacon, and was hanging with friends until thirty minutes ago. Wandering around, playing Time Crisis at the local arcade...good good times. Its too bad people are starting to go back to school soon...

Well, I was told recently I'm going to be spending a week away from the internet with my grandparents next week. So there's that. Then a few days till I'm back in college. Man, this has been a nice little break.


  1. Count yourself lucky! I'm typing this from my work desk...

    Man, I saw the video of the guy who fell in that show - it looked pretty nasty! Such are the perils of stunt-work, I suppose.

    In other news, we are thinking about going to see a performance of Matilda where the music is done by Tim Minchin, should be epic!

  2. Well, it at least sounds like you had a good time. Glad it was enjoyable~

    Haha. I can't imagine Spiderman as a musical...

  3. I've been to that church, and I agree, Wiccan as I am, it is beautiful.
    The Spiderman musical sounds...interesting, but I did see the guy hit the balcony. And wow, that would hurt.
    Hope you had a good time, and whatnot.