Monday, January 17, 2011

Sober (edit: But not for long not with THAT)

And goddam if Im going to pussy out.

I woke up this morning with the idea of "what was wrong? "

Gelachte brought up the idea that it was the translation or the video. The translation, I did myself and I got the same, (send or tell story. There is some variance.)

The video...and search. I ran a google search, and the only thing is the video.

Well, the only other place I can think it might be is somewhere in my computer. I'm going to run a system search and see what It can find.


I dont think words can describe how upset I am that this worked.
I know what this is. This is the mask in the last picture too. Compare the mouths.

And I know I don't want any further part in this.


  1. .....I don't even know what to take this as.


  2. Someone loves you, Jk.
    You need to see if you can find the source of the

  3. Holy crap. That's a lot worse than the ripped up napkin theory.

    That sucks, Slice.

  4. Just for the protocol, I am Gelachte - Google just effed up my nick there.
    I've got an idea. Look at the... properties? attributes? of the image. If whoever that was transfered the picture directly from their computer to yours, there might still be a husk of useful information in there - like the name of the computer of that person.

    Also, maybe you should try to load that picture into photoshop or so, colour it a bit in skin tones and try around until the face seems familiar to you. Maybe it works and you can recognize someone.

  5. Also, I just descripted the last thing in the text document (fgyojnIlorug.po). "Ilongforyou.jpg" must be somewhere on your computer. That's what's meant on the picture.

  6. Well...fuck. I'll look.

    Not now though. I don't wanna right now.

  7. Understandable. Calm down first.

    And don't use weed for that. It deepens Psychologic illnesses, so if whatever is happening right starts to make you paranoid or aggressive, weed will only gradually make that effect more intense.

  8. I've been sober all day, don't worry. Healthy outdoor activity and keeping occupied has been pretty good for me.