Monday, February 28, 2011

sttttttttttttory time

once upon a time there was a little boy a little boy a little boy a litttle boy

he hadnt many friends none at all and spent his days alone uncared for unloved

his closest companions were the books he read and the toys he had but he was not lonely

 no no no he was never lonely

he had an imaginary friend a friend a ffffffffffffriend they played together he lived in the mirror in his

shadow in the light that danced inside his eyelids when he stared into the sun

but he made another friend after one fateful day

the little boy was bullied he had moved he was different even his own brother his twin his flesh of his

flesh blood of his blood turned on him

his friend could not help him when they beat him broke him pushed him off the playground

he met his new friend in the park one afternoon he was imaginary like his other but he was big big he

was tall he was dressed like a lawyer or an agent

they played in the park he watched over him at night he sang to him late in the night he took him

places showed him things impossible horrifying alluring

the little boys who bullied never came home one day not deassd just gone the town mourned the boy

did not his brother wasn’t nice but they ignored each other

his old imaginary friend was afraid of the new one when he was there he hid in the boys shadow in

the corners of the mirror

only he knew that the boys were not gone they were dead the boy had stab stabbb stab stab each of

them and the new friend took them away

the old friend made a deal with the new he would take him instead he would be his shield he would

give himself over

never be bothered again they would never be together again none of them would ever be together

again again once more

the new left and the old lost his mind and hid in its depths until the boy woke him uphe had forgotten

the boy but the boy taught him friendship and love again and everything came back

his only remembrance was staring into the sun into the light the boy loved the light and feared what

lurked in the dark the light was his friend

his oldest friend thought he was dead but he sleeps again

his oldest friend will remain his strength until the last of the plaster is chipped away


  1. Slice, are you alright? Ron searches for you even now.

  2. Slice?! Where are you, man? Just tell me where you are, and I'll come for you.

  3. Gibbs... oh please let the emails get through...