Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tips on making Light

You know what I've been up to?

Kids! Professor Slice will preside in Pyrotechnics 101. Try this at home only as a last resort!

First things first. Take a lighter. Remove the flint striker from the lighter.  Next, take the spring from within and bend it in a rainbow shape. Soak the string in some of the lighter fluid. Put the string in the middle of the lighter, and then wrap the spring around the middle. Light the string and throw the lighter at your target HARD. Its not as big as a regular Molotov, but I can't purchase alcohol and I can buy lighters in bulk. Besides, a flame is a flame.


High Quality alcohol, that is to say, the more pure alcohol types (High Grade Vodka and Grain Alcohol's like Everclear work best) Will result in a bigger explosion. Low quality alcohols (low alcohol contents, beers, most rums and wines) will not burn as well, if at all.

However, a bottle of gasoline works best. Its built the same way as the lighter, but with a rag or something thicker instead of the string.

I knew a guy who used sparklers, but those are illegal in MA and also a little more unpredictable.

Do NOT try using an axe bottle as a flamethrower. You are not Rambo and as such you are likely to explode the bottle when used like this.

Final tip: A fine layer of gasoline or axe body spray will burn but not burn your body for about twenty seconds before it starts on your flesh. This can be used as a last resort deterrent and also as a way of scaring people.


In other news:

Found a lead, I think.

A devastating fire killing primarily...the Irish. Firemen wounded.

I did some research. That plot was never built on...but turned, much later on, into a park. A PLAYGROUND.

Soon, I'm going to investigate.

I'm going to continue to explore the seedy side of Boston.

Havent seen the Slenderbro in a day or two. Suprising, really. I guess I'm in the Prey Zone, perhaps?

Maybe whatever is marking Ron is cutting back his direct influence.

I'm going to be spending the rest of the day in this shitty hotel doing essays for school (thank god I'm an English major or this absence  would fuck me over so hard)

I'll be around to answer questions and take requests. I do children's parties.


  1. Irish, as in Reach's kin? That makes sense since it seems Slender Man has it out for them. Hey, anytime you'd like to meet up, man? I'm going to be checking out historic sites in the morning-afternoons and possibly early evenings. Anytime you wanted to meet after that is awesome, though.
    I have noticed I've been warped to fewer weird places as of late, actually.

    Drop me a email.

  2. Yeah, with any luck I will be free tomorrow. I need to look more closely at the site, but not now. I don't think I'm ready yet.

    Email Sent.

  3. Got it and got the email. I'm seeing about getting Liam and IggdrasilCore to come along at least for part of the way. This way even if I do get warped into dimension or taken over by Slender Man again, there'll be three people to carry on the charge or be three-one to restrain me.