Friday, February 25, 2011

Last Night/Plans

Last Night was Crazy. I got a taxi to the block near YG and Liam's Hotel (name redacted due to safety) and there was a warzone out there. Two dudes with handguns, and a few more, maybe five with clubs and stuff. I got the jump on the two with handguns, hitting them both with blows to the back of the head, but the other proxies saw me and some of them broke off to attack me.

Hell, guys, I'm not cut out for fighting. One on one I can kind of do, but two on one isnt fair at all. I'm a little sore.

Liam was a help though and together we took care of those goons. I got clocked in the head though by one with a club. You know the phrase seeing stars? Its true. I saw the fuckin' galaxy.

I had to leave, I wasn't of any use to anybody. I made it back home, typed something up and got back here.

But something good came out of this: They were shouting street locations as they were running away.

They thought I was out cold, but I was still coherent enough to hear.

I got some plans to light up the night.

1 comment:

  1. Give them hell, Slice.

    Stay safe and stay sane.

    -Kaiju, Founder of NAPPA