Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hope rides alone

 I said goodbye to George today. We met through fencing, he and I. He's a good guy. We sharpened one of his old foils to a point.

I have my suitcase, a fencing foil, and a sharp knife.

I'm going to turn charlestown upside down until I know the answers.

I'm not backing down, I'm not giving in.

Even Slendy himself will not keep me from my goals.

Black Leaves, all of you out there better run for cover. I'm going to drive you fuckers out of town like the Piper drove the rats.

I picked up a mask for good luck. Maybe it'll help. I feel better with it, either way.

Hell, I'm feeling more alive than I have in all my life. I'm finally playing with fire beyond my knowledge. Im going to know just how hot it burns before this is over.

I come for vengeance! The first son of Light!

Im ready! and willing! and prepared to fight!

Even now, there is hope for Man!

I will finish what was started!

The Fight's of Ava, Frap, M, all the fallen, all the missing.

First things First: I'm taking back Boston.

In Charlestown. Will send word later.


  1. thats some funky capitalizzzation you got going there.

  2. Ah fuck, how the hell am I going to get to charlestown by then? You should have waited!

  3. Dude, you totally need to put on Rocky music.