Friday, February 18, 2011

The thing you must realize about Boston is that it is America's biggest small city.

It is a town that has been around and been country since 1630. It was also one of the primary places of the Irish immigration movement.

Boston has always been a city that clings to the past. Boston hates change, you see. But even though it does, it's a city of principles.

Though forget driving in this city.

I've loved this city for years...and I don't want this to be his nest.


I'm in the Boston Public Library today. I got off my bus yesterday. Ava's Mom seemed nice, though we didn't talk too much.

The Plan is to find Ron, and If I can get him out of Boston. Subplan involves finding the nest of operations here and breaking it.

I hear Liam and YG are in the city too. If you guys wanna join me, I'll be here most of the day.


I read Her letter. She's not on his side. But if she isn't, why is she messing with me?


  1. Slice, did you ever show up at the library? I've been here for an hour and a half. I showed up just before three and found the place in order but empty. You don't answer when I call you. Did something happen?

    Why is this place so empty?

  2. Sickishly ostentatious.

    win now stUn anoRak.