Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold as Hell and Snowy as shit.

I watched the sunrise and drank a glass of Jack Daniels. I owe it to Ava.

A lot has happened, friends. Will lost an arm, Ava is missing, Frap has been taken. MDJ finally starts his game.

I see a lot of doubt and despair.


We can't stop. We can't give in. Not now. Red is letting us play our hands now.

I can't do anything about Ava, but I CAN. Do things about Boston.

Ron, YG, Liam, hell even you Cerberus, If you want to meet up, I'll be in the Dunkin Donuts of Beacon Street in the Black overcoat.

Stormy, I hear you are running today. If you stop round Boston, I will help you however I can.

1 comment:

  1. I'll see about stopping by the Dunkin Donuts, but only to talk. Then after that, let's go our separate ways for the day. I'll risk no more activity with others than that right now.