Thursday, February 10, 2011

Im back

I woke up on the seventh inside a box. It was exactly big enough for me to lie down in, I'd say about six feet long. There was enough room that I could move my arms a bit, but that was it.

The only things that occupied me for three days were my thoughts, the constant pain from my hand, and the ticking of my watch. My watch saved me. I dont know how many hours I spent starting at my watch...

I went stark raving mad, for a while, around four on the eighth. Thrashing, screaming. Tried to bite my own tounge off at one point, but couldn't/wouldn't.

Then came the specters.

You shouldn't have done that, why didn't you kiss her, your parents wouldn't be proud of you, why don't you talk to your brother anymore, You are a terribly bad person, a killer
On and on, looking into the darkest parts of myself.

But yesterday, I was at peace.

I woke up about fifteen minutes ago in my room, in my bed. Stacks of notes from my classes on my desk, my laptop open.

My roomate nodded at me, like it was a normal morning.

Apparently, Plaster took me to a Labyrinth, if not the Labyrinth. I suspect Ava was in a more difficult one than I.

On my laptop was a note that was very personal and Im not sharing it.

Plaster's gone, but I have bigger problems coming.

But now, when He comes, I will be ready.

Everything He can do, I've already done to myself.

I have been broken, and I have been reforged.

I'm ready to face anything, now.

Meeting with Will to try to help someone I don't even "know".

Even Now, There is Hope For Man!


  1. Fabulous! Yes! The Freak will fall! And Its followers will be felled! Fight on! Ha!

  2. If you want we can come and get you know. We're out and about buying replacement gear for the stuff we lost in the accident. Thought you might want to come along and see if there is anything you want to get before we head into the beasts lair.

  3. Right, let me get a pack together. Then I'll be ready to go.

    Shall we say, meeting place at four thirty?

  4. Will be there in about 15 minutes.