Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fear and Loathing in The Pioneer Valley

Alright. Operation Shamu was a success.

Slendy was at my window last night.

So I forced a smile and waved. I got the ham out of my fridge, microwaved it for like 20 seconds. Then I put it on a string took a bite out of it,  and offered it to him by putting it out the window on the string. So he'd know I wasn't messing with him.

He reached out an arm and grabbed it and I passed out.

But when I came to the bone was still there, and it looked like it had been knawed by teeth so thats good.

He might have a mouth, guys!

Operation: Dudefest shall be tested next.

But first, I'm going back to Boston, it looks like. Ron who I've been a fan of for a long time needs help.

Before I go I'll be doing a full Boston analysis.

Ava, if you get the chance? I need to talk to Reach.

Last night something suspicious occurred. It's kind of emberassing so I kind of only want to talk to him about it.

Its his...field of expertise, lets say.


  1. Slice
    You picked Prey for MDJ's game.
    You may be in trouble.
    Look out for people with a knife or a hammer.

  2. Dude, please do not leave me in this freaky place when you get here.