Monday, April 11, 2011

Day One

I entered Slice's room. His room was a stark contrast between the controlled mess of his roomates side and the chaos of Slice's. There seemed to be an even line in the middle.

The first thing I noticed was the way his side was filthy. Piles of clothes under a lofted bed that was little more than a mess of blankets. a pile of lighters barely hidden under a pile of towels. a 'Duraflame' style log. Jesus Christ, he actually brought his fencing foil up and sharpened it. I think Justice is also in here, if "Justice" is the hunk of wood next to the sword.

Jesus, he calls this his "weapoN"? Its a hunk of wood. Like the kind of pole that should be in someones closet.

There's a Masquerade Bird style mask around one bedpost. Bent out of shape.

On the opposite bedpoles are his Fedora and wool coat. He's had that black longcoat for two years now, and its finally starting to show its use.

Pile of books next to his desk to the right, strewn around. Two mangas, but mostly its His old Mythology textbooks and a few old style journals of his. We each got these when we were kids from 7-10 years old.

Pile of shoes beneath his desk. Desk covered in papers. Bookshelf covered in non-perishable food products: Ramen, cereal, NeutriGrain Bars, cookies...

To the left of his desk, piles of trash.

His dresser is still open, half folded clothing in the bottom drawer. I don't know if anythings missing, or if this room has been searched but it'd be best to operate as though it had.

No one seems alarmed at my presence.

His laptop is missing, though. Wherever he went.


Interviewed Slice's Roomate. He's back with his on again off again girlfriend and claims he hasn't been sleeping in the room much and that Slice has mostly withdrawn in the last few months. He says James(aka Farafello or something) told everyone that Slice had Mono and would be out for the semester.

The only other person he claims would be good to talk to would be Jennifer, who he claims Slice was with sometime earlier in the semester.

I'll need to track her down though, Roomate has no idea where she lives. On campus somewhere.

In the meantime, I need anyone who has had contact with Slice to give me some ideas. I don't really know where to go from here.

I'm operating on one of two ideas:

1) Slice is in the woods somewhere, too lost and injured to get out, and too crazy to call for help.

2) Slice has been captured by the nutjobs Morningstar works with. They're around. James/Farafello is one, there may be more.

Morningstar claims he doesn't know but one of his friends might and either way I need to find Bro before them.


  1. Nutjobs? That hurts Benny Boy. A stab right to my heart. Hahaha. Oh you are FAR too quick to judge us. After all you have not met ANY of the REALLY crazy ones yet.
    Now I know you are worried about your dear sweet brother, but I think you should know that if you keep looking you will die. I am not bluffing. And this death will not be quick, it will not be pleasant and it IS assured. This is your last chance to back out. Flee from death. It is what your brother would no doubt want.

  2. One thing I can guarantee is that Slice is NOT in the woods. If he was crazy enough to go there, he'd be dead by now. So either he's dead, or he's somewhere else.

  3. Morningstar has a sincere fixation on causing the most pain in the most efficient way. If he or his allies had your brother, he'd be the first to tell you so he could make you jump through hoops to get him back.

    And if Slice was in the woods, he'd definitely be dead by now. DO NOT GO INTO THE WOODS. That's the big mistake that many people make, and it gets them killed.

    You've read through Slice's blog back to front, so you remember my advice about indirect questions to get at the answers you need? Use it. You're in mindscrew territory, and god only knows how many victims you've got running around on campus. Asking for Jennifer probably won't get you into trouble, but be careful when you question her.

    And for gods' sakes, keep your eyes open. This one's only going to get worse.