Friday, April 1, 2011

Responses and Memories

Morningstar- I read your blog and you sir are one fucked up guy if this isn't a writing project but I need to ask you some questions.

What did my brother look like when you met him? Describe him physically.

Sage- If you are talking about the same thing Ron is, no way. He's a loon. I'm trying to find my brother, not get dragged into his retarded story.

But you make it sound like this is real danger. Do you know something? Was he dealing drugs? Was he in a gang?

I read through the blogs more carefully. If this isn't complete fiction, he met a girl named Gwen recently. And killed her I guess? Man I don't even know but if she's real and not crazy hallucinations he finally lost his virginity! I'm so proud of him.I mean, not to sound patronizing. I mean, hell I'm still a virgin but he was always way worse with girls than I was. I mean, you should have seen him in High School. Classic! If you want to hear stories I'll share them. He was such a dweeb.

How did my sweet, innocent brother end up doing drugs and having sex with crazy chicks?

I'm heading up to visit home this weekend. I'll be going out to "visit Slice" and look for clues around his place this week.

He's alive. I'd know if he was dead.

I think.


  1. Let me put it to you this way.

    Morningstar is indeed a fucked up individual. He is that way BECAUSE of all this. "This" being the thing we're all warning you away from.

    So I'll ask you one more time. Please. Get out while you can.

  2. Yeah...

    I still am not quite sure what "This" is.

    And my brother and I share a very distinctive trait. We don't listen too good and are stubborn as shit.

    Unless I get a really fucking good reason to not find my bro I'm looking for him.

  3. How about "If you go looking for him, you are going to end up dead with your intestines draped on tree branches."

    Listen to Ryuu. Get out. Please, get out before you end up like me.

  4. Our situation is the stuff of nightmares. I'm telling you while your brother was slightly crazy most of this is not fiction. If you do not want to share our fate forget what you've read, and leave looking for your bother to the police.

  5. Ben, I want you to try something. Call the cops. Tell them your brother seems like he went of the deep end on a bunch of drugs and has disappeared.

    Show them the blog, laugh with the officer at how crazy and unrealistic the whole thing is, and make sure he understands you don't believe a word of it. Assure them you think Gwen's entirely made up for the story, but that you'd like them to look for him anyway because he's clearly a little off the tree right now and might believe all this nonsense is real.

    And then wait. Because there is no way on Earth you could be better than the police at finding somebody, even your own brother and especially if he doesn't want to be found by you.

  6. The thing is Ben, the more you know about SlenderSuit McBlankFace, the more likely he'll show up in your life. The longer you stick with us, the worse it'll get. And once he's in, he doesn't leave.

    But if you do investigate his place? Bring along a can of pepper spray or another innocuous-looking item for self-defense. Also: Check all the windows. I always have to tell people, make sure you can escape from any story of the building via a window if you have to, and make sure there IS a way to escape from any second story rooms via window, so you don't break your legs on the way down. And if you don't have time to open the window, make sure you cover your face and neck with something before you leap through it.

    Knowing how to escape from a haunted or possessed structure via window is one of the smartest things you can learn. I'd suggest it to anyone.

  7. Ben, you will not figure out what was wrong with your brother by looking through these blogs. They do not hold the answer to his fate. You want to find him? Go out and look.

  8. Dark Brown Hair. Dark beard. Black overcoat, Green eyes, tanned skin... Crazy look in his eyes. You know I think I can give you a fairly quick way to find your brother. If you willing to make a small sacrifice.

  9. Even if he's dead, Ben, the most likely case is he won't be for long.