Saturday, April 30, 2011


I would have said mother of God but

Jesus fuck. What I saw down there. I can barely think about it without tearing up and feeling sick.

I went down into the sewers last night. I needed the cover of darkness. I couldn't make a flamethrower, if he ever made one it was gone, but there was a pile of his "lighter bombs" so I took a few of those.

I also bought a crowbar, for the purpose of braining dudes and, you know, opening the manhole.

But so I got to the manhole I was going to start with and pried it open. To avoid suspicion, I sealed it behind me.

I would either return with Slice or not return at all.

I shined my flashlight down the narrow slimy tunnels. They smelled like shit. But I guess that's what they are supposed to smell like.

I had been thinking about this for a while, and I had some ideas, and with some basic research on the internet, I learned there were many dried out tunnels in the area. If Gwen and Slice were hiding down here, they would be in one of these side tunnels, otherwise they wouldn't last very long and would probably have died. Gwen wasn't stable (and neither was Slice, probably) but I was sure they'd be smarter than that. Especially with Gwen's delusions. Rivers of Feces are not Romantic in the way abandoned dry sewer tunnels are.

So I trudged in as little sewer water as I could as I moved further down the tunnels. I was silent, clutching the crowbar as tightly as I could. The air down here was sickening.

Finally, I came to the abandoned part of the sewers. There was no light but my own. There was no sound but my heart beat.

Until I heard the faint sound of weeping.

I shined my flashlight down the tunnels. The tunnel to my left, that's where it was coming from I thought.

I headed down the tunnel the weeping, still faint, was getting louder, the tunnel turned.

Suddenly, my flashlight went out. A black smoke settles around me. It's humid, sticky, sliding over me, almost tasting me, and then it is gone.

I see light in the distance. I turn my flashlight off and approach, gripping my crowbar. I am not alone. There is someone else down here, obviously I mean I heard weeping-

I approach and round the bend, ready to attack.

I am not a weak man. I am strong, strong, but what I saw...there was no god in a world like this.

Slice was chained to the wall of the sewer. He had a mask around his neck, the kind for breathing in toxic environments. He was covered in blood. Like, covered. So much blood...his shirt was open, and so were his pants. But he was not the one weeping, or not the only one. god Gwen.

She was dressed only in an apron, and covered in filth. Her hair was a mess, all over the place. She was facing Slice, kneeling at his side. Her right arm was covered with holes. No, not holes, deep bite marks. Chunks of missing flesh. I watched as she bit into her and tore out a part of her arm, chewed it a few times,  and moved up to his mouth. She kissed him as he struggled limply as she pushed the chunk of meat into her mouth like a momma bird feeding a baby. I screamed when I saw.

She turned at me, shrieked and ran at me, but her leg had been bitten too and she could barely move, and I clubbed her down and out of the way.

Slice, he he was barely conscious.

Gwen shrieked as I approached him and crawled towards me.

"He's Mine! Mine! Get away!"

"Fuck off you crazy bitch!" I shouted. I was trying to free Slice from the wall, but the cuffs were locked and I didn't have time to think and she was crawling at me quickly, sobbing and shrieking.

I kicked her in the face and she was pushed back for the moment, but she was clawing at my leg-

I finally in a burst a strength pulled the cheap links out of the wall and pulled Slice free. I mean in retrospect they were like barely nailed into the wall but I couldn't think

fuck he's waking up I gotta go


  1. Glad to hear you're both alright.

    Welcome back to the land of the living. Glad to see Slice is alright.

    Gwen. Can she be saved?

  2. I just...there are no words. I'm glad you're alright and I'm even more glad you found him.