Thursday, April 7, 2011

List of Slice's Blogs (and my thoughts)

Annotated after reading through the history of Each.


A Hint of Serendipity- one of the better reads. About some dude named Zero and the cosmic horror thing that keeps popping up. Zero Seems pretty cool? I like his new blog too.

A New Blog That's Not Mine- This thing was Ballin' but way too short. I thought it was one of the best on the list. Most of these writers SUCK.

A really Bad Joke- Good, but too short/not enough cool things

A wand and a prayer- she seems to have contacted Bro once or twice, seems like a nice lady. Her story is pretty good, not one of the bad ones.

Anonymous Here- SO MANY ELIPSES but okay I guess? like a 2/5 or so.

Bug Fragments- What.

Cherub Rants- The only fucking normal one in the batch.

Copper and Chrome- as a group it seems okay but its mostly confusing. I don't even know. But he seems to have met bro...

Diary of a Cigarette Smoking man- Im digging this one so far. I'm not much of a reader but at least its entertaining

Doing What needs to be done- Needs moar characterization but pretty good overall. Starting to not this Fisk guy more often at this point.

Drews Box O' Stuff- He had a LOT of contact with Bro. Looks like Bro was one of his fans from early on, there are comments from back in October I think. The whole Family of those blogs is a good story but only as a whole.

Dreams in Darkness- Best overall story Arc. Wasn't expecting the twist ending. Why can't you assclowns write like this guy?

Everything I see- theres like, 4 posts. Bluhhh.

Fifth Perch- Classy Mofo. So classy.

Forgotten Throne- What. Whaaaaat.

FRIENDS- This guy is the looniest. Of all the Loons. Though he does seem to get a lot of hatin.

H(a)unting- This thing is confusing me to no end. Is this the same thing that made Zero kill Amelia? (according to a few saved blog posts, my bro was a zero fanboy. Ugh.)

Harmoic Paradox- WIIIIIIMP. But seriously.

I am Stardust- She seems alright. Pretty decent writing. Friends with that sage guy? Losing credibility with mentions of Magic.

( Still haven't mailed him, to busy reading all this bullshit everywhere)

I'll See you in Hell- I'm Basically thinking of patrick Bateman as I read this which makes it 100% cooler and less disturbing. Here's hoping he's a character and that there are no serial killers with numbers that high.

Jacob Garnet's Online Journal- Started pretty cool in comparison to most, but got boring fast.

Now I Shall Know you Again- Guy named Jekyll. The way my brother was a fanboy for Zeke and Zero, he was to this other dude M. The introduction of this Girl has made the story a lot more interesting.

Observe and Terminate- Military dudes fighting the same thing as everyone else. I like these guys, because they have authority but don't flip out with it.

Para-Not-So-Normal- Hey douches, I've seen this phenomenon twice. I CAN'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON IF YOU DELETE ALL YOUR POSTS. UGHHHHHHHHHH.

Paranormal Log- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Wat. Watt. Aparently...he met my brother?


Pax Exitum Sequitur- This guy seems like a doucher. According to the comments, my bro and I can agree on that at least. Also, he was dating 'Everything I See' Girl? That seems creepy as hell.

Peering In from the outside- Good Solid read though cryptic as shit early on. She seems alright, even commented on this blog once.

Picking up the Pieces- Lame Blog by an amnesiac. Bored Already. Yaaaawn.

Records of an Impossibility- I like this one. Well written good character. Even though this is ludicrous as shit.

Scared- Theres two of these things? Grody. Grody as shit. One of the other bloggers mocks this dude constantly. I'm pretty sure my brother would have been like this assclown if I hadn't beaten him into manhood. errday.

Seeking Truth- Badass Dude badass blog. I can see why my brother had a hardon for this guy.

Spiraling Towards the Sky- One of the chicks who was telling me to stop without saying why, Storm seems to spend most of her time sulking and sleeping but still makes it interesting somehow. Not my usual thing but nice.

You know, my brother and I used to watch cops all the time. We'd make popcorn and laugh at the dumb cops and the ridiculous narrators...

Splendorman- What the fuck is this thing

Tap the Vein- a little confused about this one. Willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Testing- Why is this blog blank. And still has a shitton of followers.

The Catalouger- Im not sure this blog is necessary anymore Scotty, at least not for its original purpose.

The London Librarian- I don't see what all the fuss is about. If I want to get shouted at I can go to Livejournal. Not even that good in comparison to Seeking Truth or Zero. But better than average i guess.

The Morning Hunter- I'm positive this one is just a story. i hope this one is just a story. I'm starting to wonder if this meeting is a good idea.

The Reader's Resort- Went through Bro's myth books. This is a blog about Loki? Bitchin'

The Tutorial- Good Solid Read. I like this one but not as Much as Zeke and Zero.

Walking the Hallowed Halls- There's another twin named Ben out here! hey Ben!

But this was an interesting one. They seem to confirm what my brother said about fire...maybe?

We're All Mad Here- Blank.

What you Are in the Dark- Started off good, then he like that Ava chick started shouting at everyone else about how he was right and they are wrong. And then he changed the rules? I guess? I'm not too clear.

Whos the Tall Guy?- I can answer this one ITS SLENDER MAN

Will this Help?- not the best portrayal of a ten year old ever but believable. I read on one of these that he DOES mainly target children...

(then why are most of you college aged)

With No one to Be- Decent, not a standout not really. Could use some work.


Either this is the wierdest RP my brother ever got involved with, you guys are a circle jerk of loons who sometimes slap each others dicks to show dominance, or this is the most eclectic writing project of all time.


  1. Long post is long. Wow. o_o

    This has already been said, but this whole mess is definitely /not/ a RP. I wish I had understood that myself from the beginning; it may have saved me a lot of trouble.

    Anyway, since you're so intent on getting involved, I wish you luck in discovering for yourself what is really going on. :)

  2. nothin' to be smiley about, jess...

    also, "credibility"? oh give me a fucking break.

  3. Credibility, yeah. That's fun. "There's No Such Thing As Notability". You know, I think Frap gets hating because he's the looniest of all the loons.

  4. ^Even that shit would have made Bro cream his jeans. Any thoughts, Zero? Or will I have to tell my bro "Zero says ellipses?"