Tuesday, April 5, 2011

List of Leads

As a body of Fiction, you guy are bizarre. But I have a solid batch of leads of people I must talk to. Even if this is just some kind of fucked up storytime bullshit.

Here also is my thoughts on every blog my brother followed or has commented on more than once. This took me most of the weekend...

---Leads/ Bloggers who might be able to help---

Ron- He seems like he knew my brother pretty well and is reasonably intelligent/sane though maybe he won't remember him?

"YG"/Hellfire- Apparently he met up with my brother at least once. Fucking weird blog but maybe he can give me some sold hints.

Liam- Same as above, though Liam seems less likely to know anything

Morningstar- He met my brother once, it seems though he does seem crazy. However he's giving me a solid lead so I'd be a fool to not take it

ASage- Though he has not met my brother, he seems to have been a good friend to him in the days before he dissapeared. And He's either a very sane and talented author or a harmless crazy person so I will be in contact soon.

Cerberus- Is dead, apparently, so I can't ask him anything.

Black Leaves- He's alive and apparently fought/assisted my brother multiple times.

Blog Thoughtdump to come soon.

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