Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heres the thing

I can't call the cops, guys. My brother...

My parents would kill him. Literally. Doing drugs, running away...He'd have no life left. The cops can't get involved. They wouldn't even bail him out of jail.

Well, Mom might so she can kill him herself.

Anyways, I can't do that to my bro.

though when I get up there, if it looks bad I will.


Morningstar is seemingly the only one who has met with/knows my brother.

How do you know him, Morningstar? Did you meet with him? Do you know him?

I'm hesitant to do a "sacrifice" what'll it be?---


Who wants to hear about Slice's embarrassing childhood?!


  1. Morningstar is just the only one stupid enough to tell you about it.

  2. Sacrifice? That'll probably be your sanity and/or free will. Morningstar already gave those up, so naturally he thinks they're not too important.

    Ben, you've read Morningstar's blog. I assure you, it is not fiction. However sane he chooses to appear to a potential new victim, the guy is and always will be a sociopath.

  3. Oh yes, because lying dead in some gutter, somewhere, is much better than angry parents.

    Morningstar is a lying sack of shit and he only met your brother once.

  4. I would like to say I know Slice better than Morningstar. I firmly believe that. I'm sure we've met more times than he has with Morningstar.

  5. Ryuu, Frap- He's the only one offering help. He's the only one acknowledging my desire to help my brother.

    Ron, Hellfire- I've read some of both of your blogs from my brother's following list. You both did seem to know him. What can you tell me? Where should I be looking?

    And Ron, I'd know if he was dead. I think. I think.

  6. He's not offering help, he's offering a knife to the back. Don't take it.

  7. The sacrifice is not much at all. Just a few minutes of your time by a man in a mask. That is all.
    Oh yes I met with him. Shortly after a rather traumatic event actually. He was about to run straight into another one. Of course he came our on top of the second event, even helping out a friend along the way. Not that the friend will remember this.
    Rest assured I am not quite as bad as I appear on my blog, and these... dare I call them people? Heavily exaggerate my condition.

  8. Don't. Even. Go. There. Morningstar.

    It didn't work on Kaiju, and it's not gonna work now.

  9. Sorry bro. I got a bit jealous there. Luke's the go to guy.