Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rest of The Story

So by now, some (most) of you should know that I live, and that my brother has also made it out alive. He's been keeping me from the computer for a while now, making me rest and really only letting me read and watch TV.

But I've been sneaking on the blogs when he's not been looking ( I mean, hell, I was looking at blogs even when

I...I can't talk about the other stuff now. I can't

But I'll tell you the rest of the story the parts I remember anyways.

I awoke slightly when My body began to be put into the sewer water. It was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

I opened my eyes for the first time in days to see my brother- looking grimmer and more serious then I had ever seen him before, dragging me away. I heard Her screams in the background.

He didn't know I was awake, and I could barely even keep my eyes open much less speak or move. I shut my eyes and let him carry me until I felt us stop.


Okay, Hell no. If anyone's gonna tell this story, it's me.

Dice here. I use Red because I'm a man. Red is the manliest color.

But so I had no idea Slice was even awake at this point. Frankly, I'm going to need to be watching him more often. He shouldn't be fuckin' blogging right now.
But anyways I was dragging Slice through the sewers, that she devil screaming incoherently at me as I ran. We made our way through the twists and turns and I could hear her dragging herself after us. 

I was going to make a joke about doing this with my brother's last ex too but I'm not really in the mood. 
But we round the last bend and

okay. Guys. I'm going to apologize. I saw him. That thing. Slender Man.  

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. No, staring isn't really the right phrase. Its more like, hmm, like I was a deer and he was this big old redneck, chilling out in a tree watching me. Or maybe like I  was an ant, looking up into the magnifying glass. 
I was being pulled into him. I felt weak, useless. I wasn't the Hero of this story. I'm barely a pertinent character in the grand scheme of this thing's story.

He reached towards us, no, not towards us, towards Slice. He wanted Slice. He seemed to seep into my head making me whisper to myself. Give Slice to Him. He will ease his suffering. You cannot stop me, even if you wanted to. But you don't do you? Slice were you jealous of him? Did you hate him? He can be gone. All of this will go away...

I began to falter. Crumble. He reached a single tentacle.
Then I heard a single splash far behind us, and another shriek. 

Gwen was closing in.

I couldn't.

Death didnt' scare me anymore.

I pulled out one of Slice's lighters lit it up and threw it at slendy

But I knew that wouldnt be enough. I pulled out a second, lit it, dropped Slice but and ran at Slendy.

There's a moment, I think that will set humans apart. It's the moment that causes us to grab bats, stab at bushes, shout "gun it".

I took one out of you guy's playbook. I slammed the lgihter against him and fucking tried to tackle Slnderman.

He vanished as soon as I  was about to hit him. I got a face full of feces water but that didn't matter he was gone, Slice was alive, and the ladder out was right there. 

I grabbed him and with the nervous strength and began to climb the ladder. I pushed both of us against the swere cover and the light of the sun greeted us. I don't know what slice was feeling, but it felt like I had been reborn. Ben went to sleep down there. I can be him again someday. It was Dice who dragged his estranged but beloved brother out of the sewers. It was Dice who saw Gwen screaming at the foot of the ladder, unable to climb up. 

It was Dice who pushed the lid back onto the manhole without uttering a word.



  1. there's a reason a lot of people take aliases around here, and it's not just for anonymity. people who are desperate to survive can do things that we never imagined ourselves capable of in our old lives. it's almost like we become new people in times of need...

    it's possible that Gwen can be helped. maybe. but if it is, it wouldn't be by either of you. you did everything you could, everything that could be expected of you and more. nothing else needs to be said.

    take care. get well soon.

  2. I got nothing. Glad to see you're both back.