Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well, this is it.

We head out in ten minutes. Slice is getting things ready, going over everything one last time before we take off.

Guys, some of you are questioning what we are doing. And you have every right to. This is lunacy.

But, I think this battle is whats holding my brother together.

He's been having nightmares every night. He wakes up screaming Gwen's name every time. Sometimes, he will just stare at the floor and shake. I don't think he's eaten, or bathed in days. I think hes afraid to eat or drink now.

In fact, I think the only reason he plans on coming back at all is that I'm going with him. He tried to go alone earlier in the week.

I watched that anime while he was gone for clues. Kamina, the one he always posted. He dies to save everyone.

I swear on everything I hold dear he won't be a sacrifice tonight.

It's time.

Slice and Dice out.


  1. Don't expect to be made into martyrs.
    You chose this death for yourselves.
    - Indrid

  2. It is shocking. I am almost hoping at least Slicey makes it out alive.

  3. @Zed: Burn and die in a fire, Moonboy.

    @Slice and Dice: I think a point about Kamina you should remember, is that the sheer memory of him comes to life at the end of the series to tell the Main Character: "Hey you! There could only ever be one of me, I'm just that awesome. That said, you need to go save the universe. You're bigger than me now. Go kick some ass!"

    That said, make Slice eat a sandwich. You can't fight anything if you're a malnutrition affected bastard.

    Come back alive.