Sunday, May 8, 2011

It Is Time

Whatever we could scrap together has been prepared. We scrapped the magic stuff. We agreed that we didn't have enough knowledge (and Bro STILL thinks magic is bullshit. How he can after seeing The Man himself is beyond me)

So instead we spent the last few days prepping everything else. I have made us each a flamethrower. We stole a fire extinguisher (that worked for someone, I remember,, way back in the day.) We also took the last of the Lighter Bombs I still had, about two each.

We have a couple of other plans, involving a generator, mirrors, a squirtgun full of LSD, and a box of sharpies.

But mostly, my bro has been gathering these things.

I've...well, I gotta be honest with you guys.

I've been making us combat outfits.

Dice was SO against this you have no idea. He hasn't dressed up for Halloween since he was eleven, much less cosplayed.

I had been working on this Costume for this year's Anime Boston, but a LOT of things got in the way. But I've finally finished my Kamina cloak. The shades I already made.

I think it'll work as a totem of sorts. I feel braver when I wear it, anyways.

Dice refuses to dress up, not really, but he'll be dressing like a greaser, he says. He's borrowing my leather and slicking his hair.

We leave for the woods at sunset. We hope to begin battle at nightfall.

We're going to make things right.

I've lost most of my urge to speak through pictures, now that I am free, but I still have this one, in reserve.

Kamina and Simon, Slice and Dice.

We're gonna go out and show everyone what we're worth.

We're gonna go out, and show the Slender Man jst what humanity can do.


  1. Oh this is going to be funny. Show Him what humanity can do. HA. I really hope He kills just ONE of you. Maybe Dicey. Let the other suffer a bit without his dear brother. Trust me when I say losing a sibling is deeply unpleasant. A perfect punishment for such arrogant bravado.

  2. Good luck, both of you. I hope you both make it out of this alive.

    It was Robert Sagel who used the fire extinguisher, by the way.

  3. Have an escape plan ready. Don't make this your last stand, being able to retreat and come up with a new plan when you can is just good strategy.

    Don't die on us. Alright?

  4. Fiddling around with the supernatural is worse than useless if you don't know what you're doing (coughFrapcough), so I'd say you guys made the right choice.

    Good luck.

  5. This mission must be aborted.
    In the unlikely event that you do succeed it will have been a short lived victory.
    Forces are already in motion that will bring it back from it's grave.

  6. I have such a bad feeling right now. Please be careful.

  7. @MS: Hopefully, we'll both make it out. Our goal isn't to beat him though were gonna try. Our goal is to make him back off for a while.

    @Sammie: Thanks, for both.

    ...And thanks for everything, Sammie.

    @AS: We'll make it back. Like I said, we have no intention to stop here.

    @Zed: We can't stop. We are against the wall.

    @Kay: Take care of yourself...please. We'll be back.

  8. You must stop.
    You are wasting your lives for nothing.
    Slender is holding all the cards right now.
    You will lose everything for nothing.
    - Indrid