Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Move Along People, nothing to see here.

Again, I come bearing tidings of sorrow.

Slice is dead.  His brother’s death was…hard on him.  Don’t know what it’s like being a twin, but it’s gotta be hard when someone who’s more or less half you dies.  Unfortunately, Slice decided that it should be a package deal.  He decided to commit suicide by proxy…a phrase which, in this case, means “he got someone else to kill him,” and not anything to do with, you know, “proxies.”  Well…I’m not even sure.  It’s kind of hard to tell which side Zero’s on now.

I found it hard, for a while, to like him.  I don’t exactly condone drugs (though I’ve been known to get drunk off my ass now and then), and then there was that whole Boston incident, where he killed I don’t know how many proxies with glee.  On the other hand, it appears that he had learned the error of his sociopathic ways.  He vowed never to kill again.  That’s a good vow, incidentally.  A shame he had to go and die before he could convince anyone else to take it as well.

So here’s to another young man taken before his time to the pains of a war no one should have to fight.  Slice, you were a heroic man.  I pray you rest in peace.

With both Slice and Dice dead, this blog’s not going anywhere anymore.  So again, move along, people.  Nothing to see here.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-


  1. If I end up dead, I think I'd be happy to have you give me an epitaph.

  2. Fragging hell, Slice...

    Rest in peace, Slice, you deserve it.

    I really hope you find your Brother and Gwen up in heaven. You were a great guy, Slice. Thank you for being a good friend.

  3. "So be it! Send your armies. There's no man or machine, who can stop me. And you'll soon see. I've come for vengeance. For the first son of light, and I'm ready and I'm willing and I'm prepared to fight. Send! Me! The best you've got! Send! Me! Your strongest machine! Our fight! My brother fought, and now will end with me!" -The Protomen, Act One, IV: Vengeance

  4. Hey, thanks, Killjay. It's always nice to have a few fans.

    And thank you, AmalgamationSage (what is it with you people and your elaborate, hard-to-spell names?). That was very nice. Let me see if I can come up with something like that as well.

    "A true man never dies, even when he's killed!" -Kamina

    Yeah, that should do it.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  5. I simply love quotes, let me try.

    "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die."

    Goodbye, Slice.

    I'll miss you. We all will.

  6. If anything this death is beneficial.
    slice truly excelled at getting others killed.