Monday, May 9, 2011

oh god. Oh gofd

We went out to the woods armed to the teeth. Dice, oh Dice, he looked at me and nodded, no smiles on his face. But he would not back down, I knew it.

We walked into the woods, the sun setting behind us as He appeared. He quietly strode towards us and as one Ben and I aimed and began spraying our fire he kept walking as if it was nothing though it seemed like he was covered in whisps of smoke

we dropped our flamethrowers and he reved the wheelie generator as I attached the frayed wires and we together kicked the thing towards him and he kept walking like it was nothing we threw our bombs and this gave us an opening I ran with the markers while Ben Dice held the mirror right at The Man he stopped for a moment, staring at himself as I ran at him, not with a sword but with a marker I would give him a face I would give him a name he would never forget

He knocked me aside as if I was nothing like if I was a fly and stood over me, tentacles filling the sky when I heard a shout from Dice he held a gallon of fuel over his head, dumped it over himself and flicked our remaining bomb in one hand, a switchblade in his other when did he get those I packed the supplies I was watching carefully oh no no no no

Dice ran and tackled the Man but he did not move or waver he filled dice with his branches no his tentacles and held him far above me. Dice blood coming from everywhere shouted "NOW BRO NOW  DUMBASS GO"

I leapt up not even thinking and Ran at him once more I got so close but then he held me back with his arms and just tilted his head at me as he tore dice apart at least He was kind enough to not tear him over me then he just pushed me over and loomed over me and I was

but then she appeared.

Gwen, looking like she could barely stand, her cuts looking infected shouted at me


I dont know how she did it but she ran at us and grabbed and threw me she she shouted at me


I was helpless in my fools costume as she began walking towards Him

"If His shadow blocks out the sun, if it stays till the sun is set, if the sun never shows its face again...there will be Light."

She smiled a rotten smile at me, she was missing teeth, and wrapped her arms around His neck as he began to cover her in his branches

And I

I i i i i i i
i ran

Oh god save me someone


  1. Sweetie, it's okay, calm down. Are you safe now? What are you doing? Are you okay? If not, please get to the hospital. In fact you should get to the hospital anyway. Please, stay safe.

  2. Oh Slice. I am so very, very sorry.

    Eat something. Drink something. Breathe. It's all you can do.

  3. Oh crap, Slice. That's awful. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Gwen is right though; it'll get better. Keep fighting, something will come of it.

    I hope you can feel better soon, Slice.

  4. Here is some practical advice.
    Commit suicide.
    A bullet hole in your head would be preferable.
    People who directly attack Slender meet horrible ends.
    It's even worse when that's not the end of them.
    There are many fates worse than death.
    Just look at Zero.
    - Indrid

  5. Indrid.

    Up til now, you've been a mild annoyance, but now you're starting to piss me off.

    There's never a reason to just stop trying. Maybe you'll die in the end, but you'll die doing something worthwhile.

    So go fuck yourself.

  6. Suicide isn't giving up.
    It's a strategical move.
    Deny Slender something that will not remain on our side for much longer.
    Think of it as a self induced mercy killing.

  7. Dying...Zero....

    yes, yes of course!


  8. NO. Slice NO. Sweetie, talk to me. Come stay at my house for a little bit, you need a place to rest.

  9. Slice, listen.

    There is NOTHING strategic about dying. All it does is remove a valued piece from the white side. You think Slender gains something by killing you himself? You think you'd deny It It's food and It's fun? Think again. Driving you to suicide is part of Its game, has been from the beginning. If you kill yourself, It wins. End of story.

    Fight until your last fucking breath, goddammit!Nothing else needs to be said!

    And in the meantime, use the time your brother gave you to recover. He'd want that.

    What he WOULDN'T want is for you to give up.

  10. I seem to have given slice an idea.
    This will be interesting.
    - Indrid

  11. By all that's holy, do NOT listen to Moonboy. Just don't.

  12. Hello slice.
    I know you are still alive.
    That leaves a few options.
    You could be a proxie now.
    That would be bad, very bad.
    But the humans think they can save you.
    RI Tablet says it has a cure.
    If you aren't a proxie then i can only assume that you are going on a suicide mission to kill Zero.
    That would be worse than being a proxie.
    He will kill you and take whatever "bone" he needs.
    You have ignored my advice three times now.
    Don't ignore me now.
    - Indrid

  13. Slicey, Slicey, Slicey. Don't throw your life away like this. It's not worth it, plus there are other options for you. Getting killed by Zero is not a particularly pleasant option you know.
    Listen, time heals all wounds. Trust me I know. When my brother died, I was sad about it for a while, what with it being my fault and all. But I got over it. And I learned to enjoy life so much more from it. You will be living in Eternal Light and splendor if you make the right choices. Dying is not the correct choice.

  14. Come on sweetheart, please talk to us. Even Morningstar is trying to tell you this a bad idea.