Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Move Along People, nothing to see here.

Again, I come bearing tidings of sorrow.

Slice is dead.  His brother’s death was…hard on him.  Don’t know what it’s like being a twin, but it’s gotta be hard when someone who’s more or less half you dies.  Unfortunately, Slice decided that it should be a package deal.  He decided to commit suicide by proxy…a phrase which, in this case, means “he got someone else to kill him,” and not anything to do with, you know, “proxies.”  Well…I’m not even sure.  It’s kind of hard to tell which side Zero’s on now.

I found it hard, for a while, to like him.  I don’t exactly condone drugs (though I’ve been known to get drunk off my ass now and then), and then there was that whole Boston incident, where he killed I don’t know how many proxies with glee.  On the other hand, it appears that he had learned the error of his sociopathic ways.  He vowed never to kill again.  That’s a good vow, incidentally.  A shame he had to go and die before he could convince anyone else to take it as well.

So here’s to another young man taken before his time to the pains of a war no one should have to fight.  Slice, you were a heroic man.  I pray you rest in peace.

With both Slice and Dice dead, this blog’s not going anywhere anymore.  So again, move along, people.  Nothing to see here.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-

Friday, May 13, 2011


I almost lost it over the course of the last day. No blogger, no contact. At least its back now.

I've packed all my stuff up neatly in my dorm room. Term is ending so no ones suspicious.

Haven't changed out of the costume cleaned only when roomate was gone. I fear I'd lose myself entirely if I removed the costume.

tried to eat yesterday and vomited until there was blood. tried to drink, same thing.

I've been getting more and more woozy. Ddo you guys know how many cuts are on my body? Hell, my right hand its bad. I don't know how I'm even moving it much less

But I'm not going to kill myself.

A band I liked back in the before wrote this song.

Rejoice, rejoice God's ears are stitches
Rejoice, His eyes are big X's
Rejoice, His arms are burning witches
Rejoice, His hands perform hexes

Rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
Rejoice because you're trying your best

Rejoice, the bed you sleep in is burning
Rejoice, the sky's fucking falling
Rejoice, the world we know is turning
Rejoice, your father's been calling

Rejoice although this world will devastate you
Rejoice although this world will penetrate you
Rejoice although you will not survive
Rejoice you'll never make it out alive

Rejoice, your hair it smells like burning (hair)
Oh rejoice, your nails all got chewed off
Rejoice, and holy fuck you're bleeding (there)
Oh rejoice, you burned your whole beard off

Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you
Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
Rejoice because you're trying your best 


I'm bowing out soon. I'll be gone.

Sam, thank you for your constant support and help in the early days. You are one of the few whos been with me this long. Thank you so much.

AS, thank you for your support in these days. I want you to keep on fighting. Finish what we started.

Kay, thank you for your suppport and offers of help. Don't back down, you hear me? You are one who deserves life.

Morningstar, you were helpful in your own way, whether you meant it or not. Thank you.

I have so many I wish I had thanked. But so many of them are dead. So, so many. 

The rest of you. No tears, no crying. Smile, clench your fist and live. Live for all of us.

I will sleep soundly once again. I will eat and drink in the afterlife. I will see my brother again. Maybe, maybe even Gwen will be there.

I hope so.

I don't want my death to be for nothing. 

I'm waiting.

I will be waiting as long as it takes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

oh god. Oh gofd

We went out to the woods armed to the teeth. Dice, oh Dice, he looked at me and nodded, no smiles on his face. But he would not back down, I knew it.

We walked into the woods, the sun setting behind us as He appeared. He quietly strode towards us and as one Ben and I aimed and began spraying our fire he kept walking as if it was nothing though it seemed like he was covered in whisps of smoke

we dropped our flamethrowers and he reved the wheelie generator as I attached the frayed wires and we together kicked the thing towards him and he kept walking like it was nothing we threw our bombs and this gave us an opening I ran with the markers while Ben Dice held the mirror right at The Man he stopped for a moment, staring at himself as I ran at him, not with a sword but with a marker I would give him a face I would give him a name he would never forget

He knocked me aside as if I was nothing like if I was a fly and stood over me, tentacles filling the sky when I heard a shout from Dice he held a gallon of fuel over his head, dumped it over himself and flicked our remaining bomb in one hand, a switchblade in his other when did he get those I packed the supplies I was watching carefully oh no no no no

Dice ran and tackled the Man but he did not move or waver he filled dice with his branches no his tentacles and held him far above me. Dice blood coming from everywhere shouted "NOW BRO NOW  DUMBASS GO"

I leapt up not even thinking and Ran at him once more I got so close but then he held me back with his arms and just tilted his head at me as he tore dice apart at least He was kind enough to not tear him over me then he just pushed me over and loomed over me and I was

but then she appeared.

Gwen, looking like she could barely stand, her cuts looking infected shouted at me


I dont know how she did it but she ran at us and grabbed and threw me she she shouted at me


I was helpless in my fools costume as she began walking towards Him

"If His shadow blocks out the sun, if it stays till the sun is set, if the sun never shows its face again...there will be Light."

She smiled a rotten smile at me, she was missing teeth, and wrapped her arms around His neck as he began to cover her in his branches

And I

I i i i i i i
i ran

Oh god save me someone

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well, this is it.

We head out in ten minutes. Slice is getting things ready, going over everything one last time before we take off.

Guys, some of you are questioning what we are doing. And you have every right to. This is lunacy.

But, I think this battle is whats holding my brother together.

He's been having nightmares every night. He wakes up screaming Gwen's name every time. Sometimes, he will just stare at the floor and shake. I don't think he's eaten, or bathed in days. I think hes afraid to eat or drink now.

In fact, I think the only reason he plans on coming back at all is that I'm going with him. He tried to go alone earlier in the week.

I watched that anime while he was gone for clues. Kamina, the one he always posted. He dies to save everyone.

I swear on everything I hold dear he won't be a sacrifice tonight.

It's time.

Slice and Dice out.

It Is Time

Whatever we could scrap together has been prepared. We scrapped the magic stuff. We agreed that we didn't have enough knowledge (and Bro STILL thinks magic is bullshit. How he can after seeing The Man himself is beyond me)

So instead we spent the last few days prepping everything else. I have made us each a flamethrower. We stole a fire extinguisher (that worked for someone, I remember,, way back in the day.) We also took the last of the Lighter Bombs I still had, about two each.

We have a couple of other plans, involving a generator, mirrors, a squirtgun full of LSD, and a box of sharpies.

But mostly, my bro has been gathering these things.

I've...well, I gotta be honest with you guys.

I've been making us combat outfits.

Dice was SO against this you have no idea. He hasn't dressed up for Halloween since he was eleven, much less cosplayed.

I had been working on this Costume for this year's Anime Boston, but a LOT of things got in the way. But I've finally finished my Kamina cloak. The shades I already made.

I think it'll work as a totem of sorts. I feel braver when I wear it, anyways.

Dice refuses to dress up, not really, but he'll be dressing like a greaser, he says. He's borrowing my leather and slicking his hair.

We leave for the woods at sunset. We hope to begin battle at nightfall.

We're going to make things right.

I've lost most of my urge to speak through pictures, now that I am free, but I still have this one, in reserve.

Kamina and Simon, Slice and Dice.

We're gonna go out and show everyone what we're worth.

We're gonna go out, and show the Slender Man jst what humanity can do.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its been a while.

Hello everyone.

I'm back. For real this time. Its been a long time, huh?

I came back, only to find out so much has happened. There's been so much death...so much death.

Ali B. is dead according to Scott.

I was just starting to read her blog before...but its still. Shit.

Reach is dead...I never liked Reach much in life, but at least he was a good man. It seemed like he died on his own terms, in a way. Hell, maybe he didn't but still he's gone. He's an irreplaceable loss.

Jekyll is dead, too. I liked Jekyll. We could have been friends, I think. I wish we had been.

But Ron...Ron's dead too.

Ron and I we were close.. I can't...

Ron and I met, you know? He's a guy I KNEW. He helped me out, and we fought together.

Heh, you guys are gonna laugh, but when I read Zero's blog, when I read Robert's I thought I could be the Hero. I thought I could sally forth, if this was real and conquer, that I could "take down the slenderman". 

So many people better, smarter, more resourceful...better people have failed.

They've waited so long...all of you have waited for an end, a Hero. A way out. We re a barrel of rats tossed into the ocean, swarming over each other as the water level rises.

What have I done?

I made a comprehensive list of my contributions to our collective struggle:

1) Bitching at Darcy
2) Worrying people
3) Dumping liquid LSD on Slender Man to dubious effect.
4) getting my ass beat over and over again
5) trying to burn him about 7 times (Fire is a deterrent, I proved, though who knows what that means)
6) Fought at Charleston, helping a great gathering break the proxy population there and freeing a few people of His control...only to have it all end in failure. We couldn't really save Ron.

I've honestly done little to nothing. My story is not worth remembering.

But Dice needs a way out of this. We're going to have to pay our way out.

A satchel full of substances. 

What Occult Knowledge I have.

Dice's strength

We're putting everything on the line this weekend.

The only way I see it, we're gonna have to fight our way out. I'm the one He wants, but Dice won't leave...

 We gotta bloody Him enough to make Him back off. Enough to make him leave us alone.

Or at least enough to be remembered.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rest of The Story

So by now, some (most) of you should know that I live, and that my brother has also made it out alive. He's been keeping me from the computer for a while now, making me rest and really only letting me read and watch TV.

But I've been sneaking on the blogs when he's not been looking ( I mean, hell, I was looking at blogs even when

I...I can't talk about the other stuff now. I can't

But I'll tell you the rest of the story the parts I remember anyways.

I awoke slightly when My body began to be put into the sewer water. It was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

I opened my eyes for the first time in days to see my brother- looking grimmer and more serious then I had ever seen him before, dragging me away. I heard Her screams in the background.

He didn't know I was awake, and I could barely even keep my eyes open much less speak or move. I shut my eyes and let him carry me until I felt us stop.


Okay, Hell no. If anyone's gonna tell this story, it's me.

Dice here. I use Red because I'm a man. Red is the manliest color.

But so I had no idea Slice was even awake at this point. Frankly, I'm going to need to be watching him more often. He shouldn't be fuckin' blogging right now.
But anyways I was dragging Slice through the sewers, that she devil screaming incoherently at me as I ran. We made our way through the twists and turns and I could hear her dragging herself after us. 

I was going to make a joke about doing this with my brother's last ex too but I'm not really in the mood. 
But we round the last bend and

okay. Guys. I'm going to apologize. I saw him. That thing. Slender Man.  

We stared at each other for what seemed like forever. No, staring isn't really the right phrase. Its more like, hmm, like I was a deer and he was this big old redneck, chilling out in a tree watching me. Or maybe like I  was an ant, looking up into the magnifying glass. 
I was being pulled into him. I felt weak, useless. I wasn't the Hero of this story. I'm barely a pertinent character in the grand scheme of this thing's story.

He reached towards us, no, not towards us, towards Slice. He wanted Slice. He seemed to seep into my head making me whisper to myself. Give Slice to Him. He will ease his suffering. You cannot stop me, even if you wanted to. But you don't do you? Slice were you jealous of him? Did you hate him? He can be gone. All of this will go away...

I began to falter. Crumble. He reached a single tentacle.
Then I heard a single splash far behind us, and another shriek. 

Gwen was closing in.

I couldn't.

Death didnt' scare me anymore.

I pulled out one of Slice's lighters lit it up and threw it at slendy

But I knew that wouldnt be enough. I pulled out a second, lit it, dropped Slice but and ran at Slendy.

There's a moment, I think that will set humans apart. It's the moment that causes us to grab bats, stab at bushes, shout "gun it".

I took one out of you guy's playbook. I slammed the lgihter against him and fucking tried to tackle Slnderman.

He vanished as soon as I  was about to hit him. I got a face full of feces water but that didn't matter he was gone, Slice was alive, and the ladder out was right there. 

I grabbed him and with the nervous strength and began to climb the ladder. I pushed both of us against the swere cover and the light of the sun greeted us. I don't know what slice was feeling, but it felt like I had been reborn. Ben went to sleep down there. I can be him again someday. It was Dice who dragged his estranged but beloved brother out of the sewers. It was Dice who saw Gwen screaming at the foot of the ladder, unable to climb up. 

It was Dice who pushed the lid back onto the manhole without uttering a word.